Skyresponse takes partnership to a new level with iZafe

Skyresponse and iZafe have formed a Nordic Preferred Partner Agreement where iZafe is introduced as a Preferred Partner for personal alarms in the Nordic region.  

 Currently, iZafe are experiencing great growth potential in the market for personal alarms in the Nordic countries. Skyresponse has seized this opportunity and taken our previous partnership to a new level. Together with iZafe’s proven sales process’ and network and Skyresponse’s technology, this concept will scale up to flourish during 2019.  

Introducing iZafe (formerly Sensec Personal Security)
We proudly present iZafe, a partner currently engaged in marketing, selling and performing reliable technical services of security and care products and solutions within personal alarms, security alarms, camera surveillance and electronic surveillance within the Nordic countries. iZafe combines great sales and after-market models with high-end technology to create a higher value as well as return on investment on security and care investments. 

About the partner agreement
The partnership introduces a Preferred Partner setup that involves the following:
iZafe is chosen by Skyresponse as a prioritized partner, a Preferred Partner, for personal alarms in the Nordic region. iZafe also has its own branding of Skyresponse products and marketing materials. With the Preferred Partner Agreement, Skyresponse gives iZafe the right to market and to sell subscriptions of alarm products and solutions, including various hardware accessories (”Products”) in the Nordic region. 

The agreement’s duration:
The partnership agreement is 3 years from the date of the agreement. 

More about iZafe:
Sensec Personal Security is in the process of being acquired by Medirätt (June 2018) and in the middle of a name change from former Sensec PS to iZafe AB. Sensec has previously been a supplier to MediRätt. In December 2017, the two parties entered into agreements on further development of alarm function, cloud service and digital infrastructure for the drug dispenser Dosell. Through the acquisition, MediRätt now also has access to Sensec’s well-proven CRM sales support systems, IT solutions for customer tracking, support issues and customer satisfaction measurement. 


For more information, please contact:
Martin Reidevall, CEO Skyresponse, Tel: +46 (0) 70 695 60 14

About Skyresponse
Skyresponse (previously Skygd) is a leading supplier of all types of alarm management and deviations for connected products. Our dynamic services build a nerve system that reacts to incidents and guarantees that the right person, resource or system is always reached. We cooperate with leading partners and our cloud-based system enables the development of new service packages together with our partners’ products. With its state-of-the-art technology, in-depth experience and flexible business models, Skyresponse develops services that are sector independent and ideally suited to the growing IoT area.

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