Skyresponse passes 11 million alarms

Skyresponse continues to grow at an incredible rate. The amount of alarm handling reaches a million per month.

By the 17th of November, Skyresponse passed a historical mark of having handled over a total of 10 million alarm events through our history. Reports say that we passed 11 million by the recent 12th of December. This means that 10% of Skyresponse traffic through all time has happened the latest month. This was possible due to the easily scalable business model of Skyresponse and diligent work of our employees.

“Thanks to a well-engineered system and close cooperation with our core suppliers such as AWS we have managed to build a system that can grow quickly with extremely high availability and high performance. This is just the start of the journey and with the current growth from existing and new partners we will soon pass new milestones in the number of distributed alarms” says Martin Reidevall, CEO Skyresponse.

In just over two years now, Skyresponse has grown from managing around 6,500 alarms per month to today approaching 1,000,000 alarms per month and Skyresponse now has around 300 companies and organizations that use the company’s services. The technology in Skyresponse’s globally available cloud-based system is vital for the next generation of IoT solutions now that focus on user benefit is increasing and there is a pressing need for having guaranteed, rapid action taken on alarms or event notifications. 

About Skyresponse
Skyresponse (previously Skygd) is a leading supplier of all types of alarm management and deviations for connected products. Our dynamic services build a nerve system that reacts to incidents and guarantees that the right person, resource or system is always reached. We cooperate with leading partners and our cloud-based system enables the development of new service packages together with our partners’ products. With its state-of-the-art technology, in-depth experience and flexible business models, Skyresponse develops services that are sector independent and ideally suited to the growing IoT area.

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