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Skyresponse for IoT Platforms and Solutions

Today’s Internet of Things  platforms offer large scale data collection and storage as well as powerful real-time analytics engines that provide at-a-glance information via dashboards on iPad, tablet or PC. They often show critical alerts and warnings and many IoT platforms even have the ability to send an SMS or email to a recipient. In some cases this is a complete solution, but what if the alarm requires urgent attention? If the alert needs a response within a certain period of time and there is no one there to read the SMS or email then it could go without any remedial action. This is where the Skyresponse platform comes to the rescue!

Skyresponse provides a guaranteed way of ensuring that a person will respond to a critical event when it occurs. This is especially important when considering how service level agreements (SLAs) can be managed for IoT applications.

iot alarms and alerts from internet of things platform to skyresponse response center

IoT Applications of Skyresponse

Skyresponse is a unique event resolution solution that is applicable to thousands of applications of IoT in diverse areas such as healthcare, smart factories, connected vehicles, smart cities, smart homes, field service and facilities management.

  • In healthcare, Skyresponse provides the critical platform for the distribution and escalation of alarms from multiple sensors in the care home to the right care workers. Skyresponse works with providers of care solutions to help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families as well as those providing their care.
  • In smart factory environments the right service personnel can respond to service alarms. Alarms are directed by Skyresponse to the maintenance staff responsible for serving the machines (Electricians, mechanics, operators). If no one in a given response team reacts, then the alarm is automatically escalated to management and/or external response teams to ensure it is addressed.
  • Fleets of connected vehicles can deliver service and hazard alerts directly to mechanics and/or fleet management. For example when a truck breaks down, is involved in an incident or is being driven erratically an alert can be sent directly to the fleet manager as well as the maintenance or incident management team.
  • In smart cities there are multiple different IoT implementations in place – for example the system supporting the public transport network might be different from those providing waste management or environmental monitoring. Through simple and secure API connections Skyresponse handles the distribution of alarms from those multiple IoT platforms and applications to a single staffed response center as well as separate response teams for different alert types decoupled from the applications themselves. This enables an efficient use of available staffing across different IoT applications.
  • Skyresponse can also be used to implement automated service callouts to ensure SLA service is maintained in property and facilities management as well as in smart home appliances.
  • Services that require an international response team can also use Skyresponse to supplement a centralized response service with localized response centers in different geographies. This could apply to predictive maintenance scenarios for white goods manufacturers, for example.

Skyresponse – IoT applications

Intelligent Distribution of IoT Events and Alarms

For a little more detail about how Skyresponse is working in practice, consider the following example in healthcare. Staff in care homes are equipped with Skyresponse mobile and a response center is using Skyresponse central.

Skyresponse – Healthcare IoT Response Center

Each alarm can be distributed individually with respect to type, location of event, time of day and content of the event message. In this example there are two types of alarms – care alarms (e.g. patient has fallen, panic button pressed) and technical alarms (e.g. low battery or faulty sensor). By day, care alarms are directed to the local staff assigned to the hospital ward or care home building, and by night those same alarms are first directed to a regional response center. All technical alarms are always sent to a technical response team. If no response is received from the local care team within an allotted time (e.g. 2 minutes) then care alarms are automatically escalated to a response center.

Alarms and Events in IoT Architecture

Events that require a person to respond can come from multiple layers in the internet of things. The sensors themselves could trigger critical alarms – for example fire detection, but also can signal faults or sensor failures. Problems with connectivity could also generate an alert. The IoT platform, data storage cloud and analytics components of IoT are also common sources of alerts – for example analytics could determine that a machine is about to fail and create an alert for an engineer. The analytics component is also responsible for creation of the visualization of IoT data in a dashboard application. Some vendor implementations of IoT dashboards can also forward alerts as SMS or emails.

Skyresponse has simple APIs that make integrating our alarm and event resolution into any of these layers very straightforward.

Skyresponse – Events in IoT Layer Model

Introducing Skyresponse:system

All events that require a physical action can be treated as alarms in the Skyresponse platform. A connector or plug-in in the IoT platform uses the Skyresponse API to send alarms to the Skyresponse platform in the cloud, where the alarms are distributed to ensure they reach the right response group. Skyresponse follows rules for how an alarm is handled and escalated which are configured through an admin portal or via the Skyresponse admin API.

The alarms responded to and the actions taken are logged for review in a secure audit trail. This enables tracking of how events were handled, by whom and when for billing and auditing purposes.

Skyresponse provides full flexibility on where and how to process each alarm – either through our full suite of alarm handling software for web and mobile or by integrating with existing third party response centres and other IT systems.

Skyresponse system IoT overview

Introducing Skyresponse Mobile and Web/PC Applications

Response teams can use both mobile apps or web to

  • Receive and manage response center activities and alarms
  • Report cause and actions connected to the activity
  • Escalate and communicate with team members .. or third party response providers

Skyresponse mobile is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The web application allows users to receive and respond to incoming alarms, as well as complete visibility of alarm status and who they are assigned to. Geographic positioning and other information passed from the IoT platform and sensors can also be shown.

Skyresponse Mobile alarm receiving app

Skyresponse Response Center PC web view

Professional alarm and event handling for the Internet of Things

Skyresponse system is more than a simple A2P messaging solution – it provides a fully scalable and flexible incident management and critical alerting solution for applications that require a guaranteed response.

Easy to integrate

  • Modern well documented APIs for alarms and user management
  • Connects to mobile applications, work management platforms and alarm response centers
  • Parameters support simple or complex alarm distribution schemes
  • Skyresponse can be accessed via Apps, Web and/or API

Supports distributed, real time management

  • Skyresponse ensures the “right person, right place, right time, right escalation” for all alarms and events
  • All events and associated activities are recorded and easily traced
  • A human-orientated solution enables IoT projects to connect with the real world and the teams responsible for their success

Rapidly launch new global products

  • Skyresponse is a globally available, cloud hosted solution
  • Supports multiple language and roles working with the same data in real time
  • Offer a professional response centre service for your products easily
  • Low start-up cost – offer new services, products and business models quickly with minimal investment

White label response center

  • Your branding can be placed on all parts of the solution – admin, alarm distribution, response centre, applications
  • Optional fully staffed Skyresponse international response centers can also be offered

To learn more, see a demonstration or discuss how Skyresponse could complement your connected products and services contact us.