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Distributed Administration

Management of Skyresponse:system is performed via an easily accessible web portal, and can be performed from both stationary computers and mobile devices.

Skyresponse:system provides for hierarchical, distributed management and administration. Each user of the system is given a specific capability set depending on their role.

For example, when a care service provider deploys Skyresponse:system to provide services to several municipalities, each of which contains different administrative domains, each user is assigned a set of capabilities depending on their role and level in the hierarchy. In this case, each municipality manager may be able to see all alarms and events within all care centres in their domain, whereas each care centre manager within that domain is restricted from viewing alarms and events from other care centres.

The distributed solution is implemented in an easy to use web page that could run from computers, tablets or even phones. The only requirement is to have a user with the correct credentials. The system also includes the unique capability to have customized language down to customer level so that individual / regional terminology could implemented in Skyresponse distributed administration.