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Personal Care

Our personal care solution provides a complete platform needed for all types of use cases regarding alarm handling required by users and patients. Skyresponse ensures that alarms always reach the right receiver or system through our advanced cascaded escalation capability. Our personal care solution can also be used as an integration engine for communication between other systems if required. The solution provides full traceability through events reported and documented with a real-time audit trail. All services are cloud-based, fully scalable, and globally available through simple APIs.

Open Integration Engine

Use Skyresponse as the integration engine for all sorts of alarm and event transmitters and systems.

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Alarm Reception

Use Skyresponse user friendly webb user interface to react, handle and manage alarms.

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Mobile Response – Skyresponse

Alarm Distribution

Use Skyresponse to create flexible and intelligent distribution chains for alarms and events. Send alarms and events to mobile personnel using the Skyresponse mobile response app.

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