Third-party alarm devices 2019-04-07T11:30:29+00:00

Third-Party Alarm Devices

Skyresponse:system already supports a wide range of existing alarm devices and transmitters. And if your device is not yet on the supported transmitters list, Skyresponse:system provides an open and easy to use client API for integration of new types of devices.

Skyresponse:system enables easy integration of new devices as well as the legacy devices encountered in personal safety environments. With the rapid rollout of new sensors and IoT devices, this is a major advantage Skyresponse offers relative to many other systems.

Skyresponse:system supports third-party lone worker devices and personal trackers from companies like SRT, Twig and Minifinder. Skyresponse:system can receive alarms through different methods as for example SMS and HTTP(S) or TCP Internet messages. By integrating third party products to Skyresponse:system you get full access to the entire distributed alarm handling, including third party response centres as well as the online administration portal where user data can be updated directly.