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Distributed Alarm Handling

Skyresponse:system allows for maximum flexibilty when it comes to the handling of received alarms. An alarm may be picked up by a response centre operator or sent directly to a receiver using the Skyresponse:mobile smartphone app. Or the alarm may first be taken by a response centre operator who then assigns a person in the field staff to act on it.

The Skyresponse solution for personal safety enables organisations that have lone workers to create flexible, efficient alarm distribution solutions. These solutions can be easily combined with the Skyresponse:mobile smartphone apps to greatly improve the efficiency of workers in the field.

Once received by Skyresponse:system, alarms can be routed either to a response centre, distributed directly to external systems or distributed to workgroups, workers or devices in the field. With Skyresponse:system it is sufficient to make one single integration with our platform which then will give you access to all our contracted third-party response centres and the services they provide.

The Skyresponse:mobile app, enables rapid, efficient distribution of alarms and alerts to workers in the field without the need to go via a response centre. For example, in many cases the fastest responders might be colleagues or internal staff that can attend the alarm directly. And with the Skyresponse:system guaranteed response, you can setup an alarm escalation scheme that makes a third-party response centre the back up that provides a guaranteed response if no colleagues are available.

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