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Distributed Administration

Management of Skyresponse:system is performed via an easily accessible web portal, and can be performed from both stationary computers and mobile devices.

Skyresponse:system provides for hierarchical, distributed management and administration of all entities in the system. Each user who logs in is given a specific capability set depending on his role.

The distributed solution is based on an easy to use web portal that can be accessed from computers, tablets or even phones. The only requirement is that the user has the correct credentials. The system also includes the unique capability to have a customized menu language per customer, so that individual / regional terminology can be used in the distributed administration of Skyresponse:system.

When Skyresponse:system is integrated with the alarm handling of our preferred or strategic response centre partners, we ensure that all data associated with the alarm is automatically available for the operators answering the alarm. This online administration of alarms and the removal of manual processes could save more than 20% of the total cost for a response centre. It also means that updated security information, for example if a person get a threat against him/her, will be immediately available for all the operators taking alarms.