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Personal Safety

Skyresponse Personal Safety is an open, cloud-based solution that enables organisations to build and manage personal safety solutions and services. It is available globally and can be deployed and scaled rapidly.

Skyresponse Personal Safety ensures that alarms always reach the right person at the right time. Additionally, it provides full audit trails of events and actions. Alarms can be triggered from the Skyresponse:alarm smartphone app and from multiple types of third-party alarm devices.

Skyresponse Personal Safety supports indoor positioning as well as inclusion of a live video stream e.g. from a camera at the site where an alarm was raised. Through its API, Skyresponse Personal Safety enables rapid integration of existing systems and provides an excellent foundation for developing and integrating future services, systems and devices.

Personal Safety Apps

Use Skyresponse Safety Apps when raising an alarm from your smartphone.

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Third-Party Alarm Devices

Use Skyresponse:system to handle your existing and new alarm devices.

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Distributed Alarm Handling

Use Skyresponse:system to create flexible and intelligent distribution chains for alarms and events. Send alarms and events to mobile personnel using the Skyresponse mobile response app.

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