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Personal Safety Apps for Android and iPhone

An easy and secure personal alarm in your regular iPhone or Android Mobile means that you can feel safe at work and during leisure time.

No specialized feature phone or specialty products are required to send an alarm, your ordinary Android or iPhone is all that is needed together with the Skyresponse Personal Safety App to get a simple and secure personal alarm.
Your mobile phone is always ready to send an alarm. In an emergency or threat situation an alarm can be sent directly from the mobile or by using Safeclick. The alarm is sent after pushing the app symbol or Safeclick for 2 s, and it is received by an response or  management center or, as an option, by an authorized colleague.

From alarm to action

To ensure that the alarm get through, it is sent both as data traffic and as SMS. The alarm information consists of a time stamp and position data. In addition, image and sound files are sent in case they are part of the user profile. Furthermore alarm positions are sent after the initial alarm message has been sent. At the response center, the user’s personal information is available as data describing which measures that shall be taken in case of an alarm.

Easy to administrate, easy to manage

All Skyresponse app alarms are sent to Skyresponse:system, in which all information about the alarms is stored. The registration is done together with the reseller that provides the Skyresponse alarm service. In case the user changes mobile phone or it is taken over by a colleague, the information can easily be changed by the reseller or an appointed person in the customer organization.

Specifications- Skyresponse Personal Safety Apps

The Skyresponse Personal Safety Apps offer a number of functions that can be activated depending on mobile operating system used. A complete list of functions and features for different operating systems can be provided by Skyresponse on request.

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Specifications – Skyresponse Safeclick

For use with Andoid mobile phones with Android ver. 4.3 and higher and with iPhone 4s with iOS 5.0 and higher.
Reach:  5-25 m (in same room as phone)
Battery: CR2032
Weight: 9 g
Diameter: 30 mm
Thickness: 10 mm