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Mobile Response

The Skyresponse:mobile app enables rapid and efficient event handling. Alarms are sent directly to the person who can take action, without involving a response center. Each alarm receiver sees all incoming alarms as an alarm list in his/her mobile phone with both a map and navigational support. This is a secure, simple and cost-effective alarm solution, for example in personal care applications and in situations where the first response would naturally come from colleagues.

The Skyresponse:mobile app for mobile response

With Skyresponse:mobile the alarm is sent directly to the person taking action. The alarm may of course also automatically be forwarded to a manned response center if none of the respondents with Skyresponse:mobile acts in time. Skyresponse:mobile is similarly useful if the alarms are first sent to a manned response center for prioritization. The response center just sends the alarm to the designated respondent.

Complete, mobile, handling of alarms

The Skyresponse:mobile app supports all functions required for mobile handling of alarms. The user can choose which respondent group – e.g. a work team – he/she wants to belong to, and will then see all incoming alarms to that group in the phone’s alarm list. Incoming alarms are signalled by an audible signal and a notification. If the respondent acts on the alarm, the app may be configured to allow for logging of alarm cause and actions directly in the phone, before the alarm is deactivated.

The app also simplifies teamwork. A map shows where the other members of the respondent group are located and with a simple click the user can call or SMS anyone of them.

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