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Indoor Positioning – in Three Dimensions

Skyresponse totally unique, patented, indoor positioning solution pinpoints exactly where an alarm has been triggered in a large building. Skyresponse indoor positioning takes over when a person’s GPS position is not sufficiently accurate.

Inomhuspositionering – Skyresponse

Unlike alarm solutions which show a two-dimensional position, i.e. at best the building from which the alarm originates, Skyresponse new indoor positioning shows, in text, the precise room and floor where the person triggering the alarm is located.

This is particularly useful in large, complex environments such as multi-story buildings, shopping centres, industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels or office complexes in which a two-dimensional position is unable to pinpoint exactly from where the alarm originates.

Skyresponse indoor positioning solution in brief

  • Simple to use with the user’s own mobile phone
  • Easy installation – no cables required
  • Can be linked to any response centre
  • Very quick installation
  • Straightforward administration
  • High level of operating reliability and quality
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Low battery consumption with 12 months operating life

This is how it works

The solution consists of battery-powered beacons which are automatically located by the Skyresponse Personal Safety App when an alarm is triggered. The person triggering the alarm uses his ordinary mobile phone, so no expensive extra equipment is required. The response centre receives immediate information on the identity and location of the person triggering the alarm. Simultaneously, a voice connection is established to the alarming person so that the operator can hear what is happening.

Installation in a few minutes

The indoor positioning beacons are easily installed on the wall or hidden within the room where you want to have indoor positionering coverage. No external power supply is required. This makes installation costs only a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

Technical specifications

Skyresponse indoor positioning solution requires an iPhone 4s with iOS version 7.1 or later, or an Android phone with operating system version 4.3 or later. The mobile phone’s wireless functions and location (Location service) must be activated.

The range for Skyresponse beacons is normally within one room, but several rooms can be covered if the walls are thin. The individual beacons have an estimated operating life of at least 12 months before batteries must be replaced. Replacing batteries is simple.

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