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Security and Availability

Security and Technical Availability

Cloud service with distributed servers

Skyresponse:system is implemented as a cloud service (Software as a Service, SaaS). In a cloud service the software performing the desired IT functions is residing on a distributed group of computer servers with user access via e.g. the Internet.

To achieve the highest possible level of availability and to ensure redundancy Skyresponse:system uses a set of geographically distributed clusters of servers in an active-active configuration. All changes of data are automatically stored in each server cluster, so the platform for digital event and alarm handling will always continue to work, also if a server cluster fails.

Automatic backup and efficient disaster recovery

The backup handling is fully automatic. As long as the alarm unit has Internet access (fixed or mobile) the routing algorithms of Internet and the Skyresponse cloud service load sharing routines will ensure that the alarm is received. And as long as the operator is logged in to Skyresponse:system and the terminal/mobile phone in use has Internet access the same routines will ensure that the alarm/event is displayed to the operator.

Thanks to the powerful potential of the cloud based service, disaster recovery routines can be made simple. Normally the customer only must reserve a set of portable lap top computers with Internet access plus headsets as a backup, to guarantee that alarms can be received and handled at alternative sites. If the entire response centre loses its Internet connection, operators having the Skyresponse:mobile app and mobile phones with Internet access can still handle incoming alarms.

Encryption and authentication

All communication between Skyresponse:system and the response centre operators is encrypted according to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) standard. Data is stored in encrypted format in the platform and only authorized persons can access the information. Each log in to Skyresponse:system is personal and the main administrator decides which user data an operator or administrator shall have access to and have the right to edit.

Full logging of events

All administrative and alarm related data handled by Skyresponse:system is logged in real time. The logs are available to authorized users over the Internet in real time and as reports. The platform registers for example all technical details about the communication between Skyresponse:system and an alarm unit. This makes it easy for a technician to analyse the communication, if e.g. a fault is reported for a specific alarm unit.

ISO/IEC Certification
The Skyresponse processes and pipeline have been reviewed by RISE and found to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 9001 and 27001. Certification was granted in early 2019.