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ARC Features

Skyresponse – Affärsområdeschef

Key Features

Highly adaptable to customer processes and workflows

Skyresponse:central and Skyresponse:system are designed to offer maximum flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of each customer. The rules for how alarms are processed can be extensively customized by settings from the Skyresponse:admin administrative portal. The look and feel of the Skyresponse:central GUI can be adapted by use of custom specific templates. Alarms can be handled centrally by a response centre operator or remotely by field staff. Everything is built with standard and well proven web technologies enabling rapid customization of the services.

Central and distributed

The cloud based ARC solution allows for both central handling of alarms and the direct distribution of alarms and event notifications to field staff. In addition, the administration of Skyresponse:system may be performed by anyone having Internet access and given the right permissions, centrally or distributed.

Support for all types of alarm protocols

Skyresponse:central has full support for all types of alarm protocols, from modern IP-based digital protocols to older protocols based on analogue communication.

Integrated voice communication and telephony

Integrated real time voice communications, both over the public telephony network and as VoIP, is fully supported by Skyresponse:system. Alarms can be initiated by a telephone call from a user, a digital alarm may be associated with an incoming or outgoing call, calls can be logged and recorded, three-party calls set up, and much more.

Rules based alarm handling

Skyresponse:system has extensive support for the creation of rules, governing the handling of an alarm. Rules can be set up to direct alarms to separate groups of receivers, dependent on the alarm type, time of day, geographical area of origination and many other criteria.

Audit trail

All actions, both taken by the operator and occurring within the system, are logged and can easily be listed by the operator. For each alarm, the operator may also see an alarm history displaying all alarms from the alarming person or unit. The logs provides a comprehensive audit trail of how an alarm or event has been handled, which can be analyzed in depth, should this be required.

Full control

You are always in full control of the work load with Skyresponse:system. An easy to read dashboard provides up to date, minute to minute display of the current load in terms of incoming alarms, queuing times etc. For a live example check out the Skyresponse dashboard.


If the alarm unit has support for positioning, the alarm page also includes information about where the alarming person/device is located, both before and after the alarm, on an easy to read map. If the larm was generated by any of the Skyresponse alarm apps for smartphones, the positioning can be done down to floor level and room by use of Bluetooth indoor beacons.

Future proof implementation

All alarm handling is based on the award winning cloud platform Skyresponse:system, which guarantees virtually unlimited scalability, high availabilty and a future proof solution.