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Response Centre as a Service

Alarms and alerting display on Skyresponse cloud based Response Center PC web view

The easy to use Skyresponse:central alarm reception behaves just like any other ARC, but leverages the concept of cloud computing to achieve a range of new features. Foremost of them is the capability to provide the ARC as a service accessible via an ordinary web browser or by a dedicated Smartphone app. Hence, there is no need to acquire hardware, install software or keep track of software updates – everything is safely stored in the “cloud”.

Just as in any other ARC, Skyresponse:central uses dynamically updated alarm lists and pages to give the operator a clear and comprehensive overview of the situation, where the alarming person/device is located, and what actions to take.

Skyresponse:central visualizes every alarm, shows if it is taken and which operator that is responsible for its continued handling. By simply clicking the alternatives presented, the operator takes alarms. answers incoming voice calls, logs actions and finds more information about the person or device initiating the alarm.

Skyresponse:central receives and displays alarms from a vast set of alarm units and IoT platforms since Skyresponse:system has support for all common alarm protocols for e.g. panic alarms and personal care alarms. Alarms shown by the web based user interface in Skyresponse:central can also be sent directly to field staff having the Skyresponse:mobile smartphone app, for example if the alarm is to be routed directly to a home care worker or craftsman.

As a third option, incoming alarms and events may also be routed to other IT systems, for example to a trouble ticket system.

Skyresponse:central is part of Skyresponse:system which is run on multiple servers at the highest security and availabilty levels, so that both the response centre and the alarming user can be assured that an incoming alarm is always displayed and acted upon.

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