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Next Generation Response Centre

Larmcentraler – Skyresponse

Your Response Centre as a Service

Skyresponse:central introduces a new way to handle all types of alarms – panic alarms, care alarms, fire alarms, transportation alarms and much more without costly investments in hardware and software. A user friendly, flexible and scalable service platform with support for both centralized and distributed alarm handling, capable to interwork with any device that can communicate.

The Skyresponse:central solution is ideally applicable, both if you want to augment an existing response centre with capability to handle alarms from new types of IoT centric devices, and if you are setting up a complete new alarm or event handling service.

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Skyresponse – Affärsområdeschef

Key Features

Skyresponse:central is a highly adaptable service platform for alarm and IoT event handling, easily integrated with existing customer processes and workflows. The platform is 100% cloud based, allowing all alarm handling and system administration to be performed either centrally from the ARC or distributed by web browsers and Smartphone apps.

Skyresponse:central handles modern digital alarms as well as older, analogue alarm protocols. Real time voice communication between users and operators as part of the alarm handling is of course also fully supported. All actions are logged, creating a comprehensive audit trail, and rules for automatic alarm handling and creation of an intelligent alarm response can easily be created.

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IoT – Skyresponse händelsehantering

Security and Availability

Skyreponse:system is operating at >99.95% availability and guarantees 99,8% availability in all standard agreements independent of volume. If your application needs additional availability guarantees, Skyresponse offers additional SLA:s and telephone support with guaranteed repair times.

Skyresponse AB has ISO/IEC 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certification. A significant amount of work has been made to ensure that the Skyresponse:system implementation follows the GDPR directive. Skyresponse is a data processor in the GDPR terminology and has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect our customers’ data.

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