Your Response Centre Platform as a Service

Skyresponse Central is a next-gen, decentralized Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that lets your team monitor and receive alarms on desktop and mobile. Replace your existing system with a solution handling both analogue and digital alarms and events in one platform. Futureproof your solution with an open, vendor-independent solution including an extensive ecosystem, used in the Nordics since 2014.

Implement innovative solutions as they are introduced to the market

As new products reach the market at a faster pace than before, Skyresponse’s scalable and futureproof platform is the key to integration of these new and innovative solutions. The smart and secure utilisation regarding the data of patients, could help the response centre personnel to assist in the best way possible, as the medical history of each individual would be accessible through this interoperable platform. An example of this is the integration to electronic health records, such as VKP in Norway.


Move direct to smart solutions from analogue systems

The analogue switch-off is approaching and the transition from old and outdated systems based on analogue platforms is inevitable. Through Skyresponse, you have the option to implement smart systems already available on the market. Such systems will make use of advanced and innovative solutions that are made to better suit your specific needs and your unique requirements.

Get up to speed right away with our user-friendly platform

Spend less resources on training and more time responding and handling alarms – Skyresponse offers a user-friendly platform that requires minimal training for everyone using it.

All alarms and events in one unified platform – one interface – that improves the productivity for the staff since they don’t need to work with several screens anymore. Choose the interface that suits the needs of your organisation the best. You can even have different widgets and/or information based on the type of alarm. Reduce the admin workload for the personnel and use one user-friendly system to handle it all. Just connect the headset and be able to handle all your alarms, no matter where you are.


Centralized or distributed

Skyresponse Central is a cloud based ARC solution that allows for alarm handling both centrally and for mobile personell.


Rules-based alarm handling

Due to the powerful Skyresponse platform, you are able to granularly govern how different types of alarms are managed.

Audit trail

Detailed logs provide a comprehensive audit trail of how alarm or events have been handled.



Whenever possible, Skyresponse Central surfaces alarm unit position data to the operator on an easy-to-read map.


Integrated voice communication and telephony

A broad line-up of functionality for voice calls across the public telephony network or as VoIP.


Supports all alarm protocols

Fully supports modern IP-based, digital protocols and older, analogue communication.

Protect, care, and take action

Skyresponse Central offers ample opportunity for existing and new response centres to level up.

Digitally transform an entire response centre

Skyresponse Central, our alarm receiving centre, combined with Skyresponse Platform, the award-winning alarm management and handling platform. Our platform allows you to take full advantage of existing – and yet to be introduced – devices and systems. The power of open API’s give you the opportunity and possibility to easily integrate new devices for alarm and event distribution, which make Skyresponse a fully scalable and future-proof platform.

Digitally transform an entire response centre

Replace existing solution

By building your response centre on Skyresponse Central, you reap the immediate rewards of a powerful, decentralized solution. Built with interoperability in mind, Skyresponse allows you to access and manage all your devices integrated to the platform through a simple and easy-to-use response mobile app (iOS and Android) with a user-friendly interface. Running on a true cloud-based solution allows Skyresponse’s platform to handle multiple alarms at any given time, regardless of the number of alarms.

Your Response Centre Platform as a Service

An open, seamless platform

Benefit from multiple software integrations like EHR systems, business systems and user-friendly federated logins to make the everyday experience smooth. Skyresponse has more than 80 different transmitters and sensors which can be offered to your customers by integration via an Alarm API in our ecosystem. With open API the platform is future-proofed, and you can grow your offerings (by adding systems, transmitters, sensors etc.), as you go.

Get up to speed right away with our user-friendly platform

Spend less resources on training and more time responding and handling alarms – Skyresponse offers a user-friendly platform that requires minimal training for everyone using it.

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