Response Centres for

Below is a list of response centres where Skyresponse has an agreement to connect alarms today. Skyresponse will continuously add more response centres internationally.

If the emergency response centre you presently use is not on the list, we can together with you discuss with the response centre how a connection to your preferred emergency centre can be arranged.

In case you represent an emergency centre that is not on the list and are interested to support Skyresponse:system, you are very welcome to contact Skyresponse to discuss how an integration should be performed.

Response centres in Sweden

Nokas Larmcentral
S:t Göransgatan 159, 4 tr
112 51 Stockholm

Phone no. customer service: 08-619 50 50
Phone no. to response center: 08-619 50 00

Fax no. to customer service: 08-619 50 91
Fax no to response center: 08-619 50 45

Rissneleden 138
174 02 Sundbyberg
Phone no. customer service: 08-564 202 14
Phone no. response center: 08-564 202 00
Fax no. customer service : 08-733 46 92

Räddningscentralen Stockholms Län
Phone no. customers service: 08-721 22 00

SOS Alarm AB
Rådmansgatan 40
113 57 Stockholm
Phone no. customer service: 08-407 30 00

Response centre in Kenya

911 Group

Response centre in the United Kingdom

Contact: Atus systems Ltd

Skygd becomes Skyresponse

Skygd has continued to grow and now changes its name to Skyresponse. The company’s services are already a fundamental element in many existing alarm and event handling solutions. The flexible approach based on cloud computing used by Skyresponse gives the company virtually unlimited possibilities to expand also into other market segments.

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With a focus on Internet of Things, IoT

The number of connected products and sensors is growing exponentially. The services offered by Skyresponse are ideal in IoT applications where e.g. buildings and machines are to be monitored. In addition, many existing industries and products requiring alarm handling, such as security, care, transport and logistics, can leverage the new technology offered by Skyresponse.

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Response Centres

The Skyresponse cloud based response centre solution is already in use at several manned response centres and operations centres. Skyresponse:system can also interoperate with many existing response centre systems and present alarm and events in a way that is familiar to the operator – and with complete traceability.

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