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Next Generation Response Centre

Skyresponse:central introduces a new way to handle all types of alarms – panic alarms, care alarms, fire alarms, transportation alarms and much more. A user friendly, flexible and scalable platform with support for both centralized and distributed alarm handling, capable to interwork with any device that can communicate.

A cloud based response centre

 Alarms and alerting display on Skyresponse cloud based Response Center PC web view

The easy to use Skyresponse:central alarm reception enables any response centre operator to receive and handle all types of alarms using a standard web browser. The operator gets a clear and comprehensive overview of the situation, where the alarming person/device is located, and what actions to take.

The alarm reception highlights the alarms to handle. By simply clicking, the operator can answer incoming voice calls, log actions and find more information about the person or device initiating the alarm.

Skyresponse:central can receive and display alarms from a vast set of alarm units and IoT platforms since Skyresponse:system supports all common alarm protocols for e.g. personal alarms and personal care alarms. Alarms sent to the web based user interface in Skyresponse:central can also be sent directly to field staff having the Skyresponse:mobile smartphone app, for example if the alarm is to be routed directly to a home care worker or craftsman.

Skyresponse:central is part of Skyresponse:system which is run on multiple servers at the highest security and availabilty levels, so that both the response centre and the alarming user can be assured that an incoming alarm is always displayed.

Key features

Highly adaptable to customer processes and workflows

Skyresponse:central and Skyresponse:system are designed to offer maximum flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of each customer. The rules for how alarms are processed can be extensively customized by settings from the Skyresponse:admin administrative portal. The look and feel of the Skyresponse:central GUI can be adapted by use of custom specific templates. Alarms can be handled centrally by a response centre operator or remotely by field staff. Everything is built with standard and well proven web technologies enabling rapid customization of the services.

Dynamic alarm lists

Incoming alarms are flagged in an active alarms list and then moved to the alarm list of the operator taking the alarm. All operators have a real time view of the number of active and own alarms, how many alarms that are taken by other operators and the number of deactivated alarms. All information is continuously updated and all operators can immediately see when something new occurs.

Continuously updated alarm page

The alarm page, comprising detailed alarm information, is updated in real time when something new is registered. The alarm page also has more information about the user/device that triggered the alarm, proposed actions, logged events and much more, depending on how the customer has specified the alarm reception GUI.


If the alarm unit has support for positioning, the alarm page also includes information about where the alarming person/device is located, both before and after the alarm, on an easy to read map. If the larm was generated by any of the Skyresponse alarm apps for smartphones, the positioning can be done down to floor level and room by use of Bluetooth indoor beacons.

Integrerad telephone handling

Skyresponse:central has integrated functions for telephony call handling, both by external call center solutions and directly by the Skyresponse system.


All actions, both taken by the operator and occurring within the system, are logged and can easily be listed by the operator. For each alarm, the operator may also see an alarm history displaying all alarms from the alarming person or unit.

Future proof implementation

All alarm handling is based on the award winning cloud platform Skyresponse:system, which guarantees virtually unlimited scalability, high availabilty and a future proof solution.

Skyresponse:central for operation centres

Skyresponse:central is already used both by certified response centres and by operation centres taking calls from staff working for the operation centre. With Skyresponse:central no expensive installations are necessary: A computer with Internet access and a phone is all that is needed to make the operation center to a response centre. The Skyresponse pricing is very simple – the customer only pays per connected alarm unit and month.

Field staff, lone workers etc. may take advantage of the easy to use Skyresponse Personal Safety apps on their smartphones for calling on the attention of the operation centre. When an operation centre is used as a response centre, it is of course important that the operation centre is manned during the time when there are staff active and that may need to raise an alarm.


Skyreponse:system is operating at >99.95% availability and guarantees 99,8% availability in all standard agreements independent of volume.  If your application needs additional availability guarantees, Skyresponse offers additional SLA:s and telephone support with guaranteed repair times.

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