Cloud Based Response Centre

Skyresponse own response centre – Skyresponse:central – is a cloud based solution that makes it easy to handle alarms from the Skyresponse Personal Safety Apps as well as from many third party products in any response centre, operational centre or other place using an ordinary web browser.

The response centre software and the easy-to-use cloud service from Skyresponse allows an emergency centre operator to easily receive and handle alarms. The operator gets an immediate and clear graphical overview of what has happened, where the person is located and which action is needed.

Skyresponse:central works both with Skyresponse Personal Safety Apps and with many other types of third party alarms and protocols. The Skyresponse:central service provided by Skyresponse allows different persons to manage the user administration: The reseller may handle all the administration, or, if more suitable, one central customer administrator may handle it from the customer site.

The cloud services by Skyresponse all run on redundant servers with a high level of security and availability. This means that the response centre and the user can always trust that the alarms are shown when they are triggered.

Skyresponse:central for Operation Centres

Skyresponse:central is also used by different operation centres that receive alarms from the staff that report to the operation centre.  By using Skyresponse:central it is not necessary to make any costly installation. All that is needed is a computer with internet access, a web browser and a phone to turn the internal operation centre into an emergency response centre. Skyresponse offers a simple price model which implies that the customer only pays per connected user and per month.

When using an operation centre as an emergency resource, it is of course important that the operation centre is staffed as long as there is personnel that might need to send alarms.

Skygd becomes Skyresponse

Skygd has continued to grow and now changes its name to Skyresponse. The company’s services are already a fundamental element in many existing alarm and event handling solutions. The flexible approach based on cloud computing used by Skyresponse gives the company virtually unlimited possibilities to expand also into other market segments.

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With a focus on Internet of Things, IoT

The number of connected products and sensors is growing exponentially. The services offered by Skyresponse are ideal in IoT applications where e.g. buildings and machines are to be monitored. In addition, many existing industries and products requiring alarm handling, such as security, care, transport and logistics, can leverage the new technology offered by Skyresponse.

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Response Centres

The Skyresponse cloud based response centre solution is already in use at several manned response centres and operations centres. Skyresponse:system can also interoperate with many existing response centre systems and present alarm and events in a way that is familiar to the operator – and with complete traceability.

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