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Alarm management company Skyresponse AB (previously Skygd AB*) has completed a new investment round of SEK 9 million through a fully subscribed new share issue. The increase in capital will support the continued growth of the company and enable international expansion in the rapidly growing IoT (Internet of Things) market.

The new share issue was aimed at existing owners and a group of newly qualified investors with backgrounds from international IT and SaaS (Software as a Service) companies.

Skyresponse’s cloud-based alarm and incident management system is already in use today in the Swedish market as a critical and pivotal component of a number of IoT applications. The system is used, for example, in the security and e-health areas, where it ensures that the correct actions are taken in response to relevant alarms. With the new share issue, Skyresponse’s horizontal strategy can be further developed to enable the company to become a leading player in alarm and incident management in new IoT areas and internationally.

A unique offering in a favorable market energizes the new venture of Skyresponse

– The IoT market is experiencing rapid growth, nearly every market analysis indicates the same increased growth of connected units and sensors, says Thomas Ivarson, one of the lead investors in the new share issue. There is a lot of talk about what can be done with different sensors, but there is not as much about how you can get exceptions from hundreds, even thousands, of different components to speak the same language and jointly operate with an organization’s other systems and processes. Skyresponse’s service is ideally suited to IoT due to its ability to handle signals, incidents and alarms from many units in a single system, with guaranteed security and traceability.

Skyresponse cooperates with leading partners and the company’s cloud-based system enables the creation of new service packages together with its partners’ products.

The cloud-based and globally accessible services offered by the system, include the ability to receive and process alarms, deviations and incidents from IoT platforms or directly from all types of digital units and then ensure these are forwarded to the right person, resource or system.

– To describe the extent of what our services can handle, we usually compare them to a ‘nerve system behind the IoT, says Martin Reidevall, CEO of Skyresponse. Our system enables alarm and operation centers, for instance, at a local home-help service company or at a global, industrial company, to implement a modern future-proof solution, while at the same time, it can connect integrated products to an alarm or response center’s existing system, which makes our offering unique in the market.

Read more about Skyresponse in detail and the services the company offers here.

The group of new investors, to which aspects of the new share issue were aimed, have formed a Business Advisory Board, read more here.

*Skygd AB is in the process of changing its name to Skyresponse AB, as a phase in the company’s international expansion. The name change does not otherwise affect the structure of the company, the corporate registration number, agreements signed or ongoing service deliveries. The company name has been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

For more information, please contact:
Martin Reidevall, CEO Skyresponse, Tel: +46 (0) 70 695 60 14

Thomas Ivarson, Lead Investor, Skyresponse, Tel: +46 (0) 70 264 39 43

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About Skyresponse
Skyresponse (previously Skygd) is a leading supplier of all types of alarm management and deviations for connected products. Our dynamic services build a nerve system that reacts to incidents and guarantees that the right person, resource or system is always reached. We cooperate with leading partners and our cloud-based system enables the development of new service packages together with our partners’ products. With its state-of-the-art technology, in-depth experience and flexible business models, Skyresponse develops services that are sector independent and ideally suited to the growing IoT area.

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