Skyresponse brings critical alarm service to mozaiq

Skyresponse has entered a partnership with mozaiq, a startup founded by Bosch, Cisco and ABB. Under the partnership Skyresponse will make its leading alarm handling service available through the mozaiq platform. The cloud based solution from Skyresponse will add new functionality that was not previously available.

The companies have worked together to develop demonstrations around domestic IoT applications that raise alarms when critical events take place in the home such as a water leak, smoke detection or carbon monoxide exceeding a certain level. The Skyresponse solution will ensure that consumers and/or professional alarm response service providers are alerted.

“We are happy to make our alarm services available through the mozaiq platform. This will enable a whole new service level for the IoT end user”, says Martin Reidevall CEO Skyresponse.

mozaiq allows companies to create new commercial products based on services, data and connected devices efficiently and with a manageable investment. Quick development of interoperable business models requires simple implementation of devices and services for providers. For that reason, mozaiq creates a marketplace for companies to offer their product or service with minimal effort and enables interoperability between all participants. Various combinations of such elements subsequently lead to new business opportunities. An easy to use configuration tool allows intuitive creation of interoperable business models out of those elements within minutes.

“Bringing a professional alarm distribution solution to IoT consumer applications will enable our partners to build exciting new services and address new markets”, says Axel Godoy, CEO mozaiq.

Skyresponse collaborates with leading partners and mozaiq’s cloud-based system solution enables development of new service packages with their participants’ products. Skyresponse is growing rapidly in a number of IOT areas, such as e-health, security, facility management, smart city and industry 4.0 through various strong partnerships.

Skyresponse’s cloud-based alarm and incident management system is already in use today as a critical and pivotal component of a number of IoT applications. With several selected partnerships Skyresponse anticipates further success in the IoT market.

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