Lassila & Tikanoja modernizes its alarm management with Skyresponse

Alarm management company Skyresponse has signed an agreement with Lassila & Tikanoja (L&T) to integrate Skyresponse:central – a cloud-based system for alarm and incident management into L&T’s property management operations. The system manages the entire flow from receiving and interpreting alarms, discrepancies and incidents to sending them to the correct recipient and ensuring that the alarm is taken care of and action is taken. For L&T, which handles hundreds of alarms daily, the introduction means more efficient alarm management and better customer service.

L&T offers technical property management to customers in the public, commercial and industrial sectors. The company manages an extensive flow of alarms that arrive daily from properties equipped with numerous different types of transmitters. Improving the L&T emergency service center by introducing the new modern system will deliver enhancements to efficiency and enable better control over the entire flow of alarm and incident management.

“The new system means we can have better control in our operations as we can assess the relevance of the hundreds of alarms that come in to us daily,” says Sukhwant Singh, head of the operations center at L&T. “This minimizes manual work for our operations staff, and enables us to expand the level of service for our customers. We have evaluated a number of solutions for modernizing our emergency service center. Our choice to work with Skyresponse feels completely right, and the system they provide best suited our operations.”

Skyresponse has assumed complete responsibility for the migration of existing transmitters and all the associated data, which will ensure a rapid move to the new system.

“We see great potential in modernizing emergency service centers,” says Martin Reidevall, CEO of Skyresponse. “With Skyresponse:central – a future-proof system for alarm and incident management, what we call ‘event resolution’ – L&T gains a powerful tool with a customized user interface that at the same time is open to future IoT solutions. Since the system is cloud-based, the need for their own servers – as well as for on-call personnel to manage the IT equipment – disappears, which enhances management efficiency even further. Few companies can accomplish this in so short a time. L&T had the vision and the ability to act, and our platform was easy to introduce.”

Skyresponse is growing rapidly in a range of IoT fields such as e-health, security, facility management, smart city and industry 4.0 through various strong partnerships. Every user, machine, property and so on in all areas have had several sensors installed per object. Replacing obsolete emergency center systems with Skyresponse:central also enables more emergency service centers to leverage the benefits of future IoT solutions.

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