Based on Skyresponse, Doro signs contract on elderly care for 12 municipalities

Doro Care AS in Norway has signed an agreement with Kristiansund’s health innovation Center (Helseinnovasjonssenteret) to deliver care alarm handling services and telecommunications products in the field of healthcare technology to people in care homes as well as private housing. The agreement was signed with a total of 12 local municipalities via a coordinated joint procurement process. The core technology in the delivery is Skyresponse’s platform, which includes alarm management services and response center.

Doro manufactures telecommunications products and offers easy-to-use mobile phones, smart phones, mobile applications and fixed telephony with loud, clear sound. The products are primarily aimed at senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Doro has developed its offering towards the care market through linking their products for seniors with solutions for care alarms, so as to meet broader needs among its users. The company also provides emergency service centers in Norway, Sweden, and other countries.

In the agreement with health innovation Center in Kristiansund, Doro Care has further developed its concept by supplementing it with Skyresponse’s cloud-based solutions for alarm and incident management.

–  All our products can be connected and can generate an incredible amount of information each day. To create a sense of security for our users, it’s important to interpret the information promptly and efficiently and ensure that any alarms and discrepancies generated are managed and followed up correctly, says Arvid Bakken, Head of Safety Alarm Development at Doro Care. For us, Skyresponse is an important component in meeting these challenges.

Skyresponse’s solutions are already used in nursing homes and private housing in Sweden and constitute a critical component in the alarm management process.
–  There really is no limit to how many connected devices and sensors can be installed and connected with our solution, says Martin Reidevall, CEO of Skyresponse. Rather, it’s an issue of knowing what to measure and why, and in addition being sure – with full traceability – that the alarm is passed on so that the right person, resource, or system is always reached. We are pleased that health innovation Center in Kristiansund has selected our platform as a foundation for further development of the services of tomorrow in health care technology.

For more information, please contact:

Martin Reidevall, CEO Skyresponse, Tfn: +46 (0) 70 695 60 14

About Skyresponse
Skyresponse (formerly Skygd) is a leading provider of distribution and management of alarms and events generated by connected devices. Our dynamic services form a digital nervous system that reacts to events, ensuring that the right person, device, or system is always reached. Skyresponse collaborates with leading partners, and the company’s cloud-based system solution enables new service packages with their products. Our ground-breaking technology and broad experience make Skyresponse an ideal solution for the growing IoT field, regardless of industry.

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