Alarm management for smart nursing homes

Skyresponse’s cloud-based solutions for alarm and incident management are already in use at a number of nursing homes in Sweden, and in many respects, they are a critical and crucial component of the alarm management process. As the system is able to handle an unlimited number of alarms, incidents and deviations from connected units, the company, in cooperation with its partner, Viser, is currently developing a more comprehensive concept for smart nursing homes.

“There isn’t really a limit as to the number of connected units and sensors that can be installed and connected to our solution. It is rather a question of knowing what is to be measured and why, and in addition, this should be done with full traceability to make sure that the alarm is sent to the right person or resource and to ensure that the system can always be reached,” says Martin Reidevall, CEO of Skyresponse. “In a nursing home, you might, in addition to the more traditional measurements from the installed alarm units, supplement these with a range of services, ranging from the supervision of energy consumption and handling of facility management, to receiving information about refilling the supply of sanitary products.”

In addition to the healthcare sector, Skyresponse is growing within a number of other IoT fields, including security, facility management, smart city and Industry 4.0, through a number of stable partnerships. Within all these fields, each user, machine, property, etc., has a number of sensors installed at each location. Skyresponse is suitable for all kinds of IoT applications.

Smart nursing homes is a concept which is developed by Skyresponse in cooperation with Viser, a provider of integrated services. Skyresponse has cooperation with more than one leading partner, and the company’s cloud-based system solution enables the development of new service bundles, where the services of the company are combined with its partners’ products.

“Regardless of the number of connected units and the kind of operations a company has, you have to be able to manage alarms and deviations from hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of different components and dispatch those to the right recipient for the right action. As an example, traditionally only social alarms have been managed in the healthcare sector, but with the possibility of a greater number of connected units, effects increasing the quality and the sense of safety will be reached, which will benefit caregivers, care receivers and their relatives,” says Robert Green, CEO of Viser. “For us, Skyresponse is a crucial component for enabling us to offer these possibilities to our customers.”

About Viser
Viser is a system vendor within the fields of healthcare and industry. The services are offered as a complete functional service, whereby Viser takes full responsibility and delivers a guaranteed functionality – at all times focusing on customers’ operational requirements and business value.

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About Skyresponse
Skyresponse (previously Skygd) is a leading supplier of all types of alarm management and deviations for connected products. Our dynamic services build a nerve system that reacts to incidents and guarantees that the right person, resource or system is always reached. We cooperate with leading partners and our cloud-based system enables the development of new service packages together with our partners’ products. With its state-of-the-art technology, in-depth experience and flexible business models, Skyresponse develops services that are sector independent and ideally suited to the growing IoT area.

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