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Skyresponse PTC ThingWorx Extension for IoT alerting and critical alarm handling

The Skyresponse Extension (available on the ThingWorx Marketplace) enables the ThingWorx community to deliver advanced alarm and event handling to their user base.

ThingWorx alarm generation capabilities are based on powerful analytics of sensor readings – and can display those alarms in a number of different ways – for example via a dashboard showing the status of assets. However, some alarms require a human action to take place, and there is no guarantee that an alarm will be responded to in time. Missed alerts and alarms can result in costly breaches in Service Level Agreements. The new Skyresponse Extension enables ThingWorx alarms to reach the right personnel – and ensure a response – providing an effective guarantee for service levels to be met.

With the Skyresponse Extension your ThingWorx project can be enhanced with a professional response center solution that can help ensure SLA targets are met. Skyresponse can also provide a fully staffed team able to respond in real time when critical events need attention, even when you are not around.

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What problem does Skyresponse technology solve?

Today’s Internet of Things platforms offer large scale data collection and storage as well as powerful real-time analytics engines that provide at-a-glance information via dashboards on iPad, tablet or PC. They often show critical alerts and warnings and many IoT platforms even have the ability to send an SMS or email to a recipient. In some cases this is a complete solution, but what if the alarm requires urgent attention? If the alert needs a response within a certain period of time and there is no one there to read the SMS or email then it could go without any remedial action.

Skyresponse is the solution of choice when a guaranteed response is required for a wide range of problems, for example, How to ..
•  ensure the up-time of expensive or critical machinery, vehicles or machines
•  respond to service events in real estate,
•  provide timely reaction to events with elderly parents or sensors in the home,
•  manage any event where action is needed in 15, 25, 40 seconds or minutes – that’s when customers choose Skyresponse.

Where IoT enables something or someone to be remotely monitored, new services become possible based on event thresholds being breached, or alarm conditions being created. By only adding human intervention “Just in Time” rather than “checking constantly” Skyresponse has the potential to save a significant operational costs in a wide rangeof industries. of industries.


Developers using ThingWorx for IoT connected projects can now easily add Skyresponse alarm and alert handling with the extension. This video presentation explains what Skyresponse does and how it works., how sophisticated (or simple!) alarm distribution and handling rules can cater for different scenarios.

As well as simple apps and user interfaces, Skyresponse can also be easily integrated to different back end systems using APIs for administration as well as alarm handling.

By adding Skyresponse to a ThingWorx project, management and co-workers will gain visibility and can even react to events as they happen in the real, physical world.

The Skyresponse pay-as-you-grow cloud based implementation can ensure the rapidl launch of new products.

Skyresponse is easily customised to provide your branding on all parts of the solution

If required, Skyresponse can also provide a fully staffed team able to respond in real time when critical events need attention, even when you are not around.

About Skyresponse

Skyresponse provides a guaranteed way of ensuring that a person will respond to a critical event or alarm when it occurs.

The unique Skyresponse event resolution solution is applicable to thousands of applications of IoT in diverse areas such as healthcare, smart factories, connected vehicles, smart cities, smart homes, field service and facilities management. For example, in healthcare, Skyresponse provides the critical platform for the distribution and escalation of alarms from multiple sensors in the care home to the right care workers.

Skyresponse is a SaaS company that is transforming the security and alarm response industry with services that bridge the gap between traditional and digital services. With the guaranteed response to any IoT originated event or alarm, organizations can for the first time offer a service level (SLA) to their users. This enables the creation of new differentiated IoT connected products.

The Skyresponse platform ensures actions always reach the right people, machines or systems at the right time and location through an advanced cascaded escalation capability. The system provides traceability of events reported and actions taken through a real-time audit trail.

All services are cloud-based, fully scalable, and globally available through simple APIs. Skyresponse is the partner of choice when a guaranteed response is required for a wide range of applications.

With its state-of-the-art technology, in-depth experience and flexible business models, Skyresponse is driving services that are sector independent and ideally suited to the growing IoT area.

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