The IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

Earlier this month, Skyresponse was at the IoT Solutions World Congress, the world’s largest internet of things event in Barcelona. We were joined by about 13,000 visitors who attended to hear from around 250 speakers and see the exhibit from 240 companies operating in the industry.

Gartner predict that by 2020 IoT technology will play a role in 95% of new product designs. The core industries which are being impacted were also those that got the main attention at the event in 2017. They include manufacturing, energy & utilities, connected transport, healthcare, buildings & infrastructure and “open industry”. The latter is a mix of various topics that look at technologies, applications and cases which are used across several other sectors such as farming, mining and retail.

Standards are emerging for IoT – with the IIRA (Industrial Internet of Things Reference Architecture) and the IISF (Industrial Internet Security Framework) frameworks promoted by the IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium). The IIRA deals with implementing IoT solutions, and the IISF is about ensuring trust.

There were panel discussions at the event focused on how IOT adoption is being driven (and helping to drive) developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, power and battery technologies.

There was also discussion about retrofitting legacy technology with modern connected solutions – and many products and solutions on display were aimed at facilitating that. It is clear that, driven by efficiency as well as business opportunity that the world is rapidly becoming connected.

Skyresponse demonstrated to existing and new partners how alarms for both legacy applications as well as new IoT applications can be easily integrated and swiftly handled – and we are now excited to be working on some promising new projects.

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