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Skyresponse Facility Management

20 October 2017|News, Use Cases|

Introduction: Facilities management challenges Facilities management involves the coordination of many disparate processes within an organisation to develop and sustain services that maintain and improve the organisation’s effectiveness. Among the major challenges facing today’s ...

A System for Industries

8 October 2017|News, Use Cases|

How does Skyresponse:system work for industries? In a modern smart factory industry environment, IoT connectivity is revolutionising how the status of equipment is monitored. Machines are equipped with sensors that ...

Meet us in Barcelona in October

4 September 2017|News|

  Catch up with Skyresponse in Barcelona at the IoT Solutions World Congress The IoT Solutions World Congress (#IOTSWC) is a leading international event that links the Internet of Things ...

Focus on IoT

10 March 2017|News|

Skygd changes it name to Skyresponse and continues to grow on the rapidly expanding global IoT market. IoT is forecasted to be the most important digital paradigm shift after the web, and according to ...

Gothenburg Home Care

9 March 2017|News|

The City of Gothenburg, the second largest city of Sweden, operates its own response center for home care staff. The response centre receives calls and responds to some 45 000 alarms every month from residential users ...

Response Center Solutions

9 March 2017|News|

Our response centre solution – Skyresponse:central – is easy to start up, completely open to integration with other systems and does not require any dedicated or costly physical hardware or software in the response centre. ...

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