Interview with Niklas Norstedt – Our new Technical Sales Manager

What is your background in IT?

I’ve always been someone who taught myself new things in IT. I’ve never bought a computer that I haven’t built myself. When I started studying IT already in high school, I also made IT my hobby. At the choice of college, it was clear that I would choose the IT focus on System Science. During my studies, I continued to practice new skills by creating and running a music streaming service. After graduation, I took a job at the systems integrator company Advania. There, I have worked with a contact center that is closely related to what Skyresponse does. I have also worked with digitization, sourcing and service management. All types of integration projects in addition to the contact center focus I had. Afterwards I worked two years in e-commerce.

What made you interested in the Care industry and Skyresponse?

I realized that I want to work with something important and show that IT is a way to help people in need. Before that I was doing e-commerce, where I learned a lot about sales. It was a good job where I learned a lot. The Care industry offers work with critical systems, a work that feels challenging and important. I am also interested in the practical applications Skyresponse makes in Care. When I first met everyone here in the office, it matched very well with my view of how an organization should work. It is relatively flat and everyone helps out. Here you do what is needed, everyone is forward-looking and the company is constantly evolving. That is a journey that I wish to be a part of.

How do you envision your role here? in the beginning and in the future?

To be the one who can link the development of the platform with the customer needs in pre-sales so that we can focus on what can be reused, and understand the customer better. I will help with that communication and I look forward to being involved in developing Skyresponse on the road ahead. My dream is that we always make our customers happy.

How would your former colleagues describe you?

I think they would say I’m always interested in what they have to say. There are so many competent people in an organization, so I consider it important to listen to them. Everyone has different points of view and we can learn from each other.

How do you spend your spare time?

I recently came back after spending a week in the tremendous Swedish mountains where I felt invigorated by traveling in nature. I also love to watch hockey, so maybe there’s a colleague up there at the Luleå office I can go on a match with. Like most people in this industry, I also have an IT interest as a hobby. I still like to build computers in my spare time, read about smart IT solutions.

With your experience, how do you view Skyresponse’s position in the industry?

I can see that Skyresponse is agile, quickly follows customer needs and in this way leads the market trends by providing what the customers want. We should take care of that while balancing not doing too many special solutions that cannot be reused. I look forward to be a part of Skyresponses’ growth journey.


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