Doro launches smart IoT services, based on Skyresponse

Doro just launched a new service based on systems by Skyresponse. The service makes relatives and alarm operators reachable by a one-button-push. It allows seniors and disabled to live at home longer with more freedom and security.

Doro Care AB recently launched their service “Response By Doro” as a part of “MyDoro”, developed together with Skyresponse. It gives consumers the ability to send smart alarms by a one-button-press to close family members, and escalate to an Alarm Central staffed around the clock if they’re not able to respond. The call automatically goes on speaker-mode in case of a possible emergency. This allows the seniors to move outside the home without escorts. It also allows the seniors to feel independent longer, discreetly. MyDoro is the initiative of Doro to sell services mainly towards consumers, giving them the freedom of choice for their future.

Response by Doro separates itself from the usual safety alarm service that only function in the home. Doro Care has further developed its concept by supplementing it with Skyresponse’s cloud-based solutions for alarm and event management, which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The service is mobile-based and works as well when out for a walk, shopping groceries or visiting friends. Together, we are able to enable the user with more freedom, security and integrity in their daily lives. Simply put, it allows the user to live life to the fullest!

Electra and Doro have initiated a new collaboration on Doro’s new security service Response by Doro. The service will be launched in selected AudioVideo stores around Sweden. AudioVideo is one of several brands that are part of Electras Sweden AB’s trading business.

“We are strongly convinced that technical solutions not only increase the safety of elderly homes, but also contribute to a better and more independent life. A conviction we share with Electra and AudioVideo, just as we work a lot with service development for our respective customers. Therefore, we are very proud and happy about the cooperation, which means that we will now reach a wide network of customers around Sweden with Response by Doro.” said Robert Puskaric, President and CEO, Doro AB.

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