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Skyresponse – IoT Alarm Handling

Today’s IoT platforms include real-time analytics engines that provide at-a-glance information via graphical dashboards. They can show critical alerts and warnings and often send an SMS or emails to other recipients. In some cases this is enough, but what if the alarm requires urgent attention and there’s no one around to read the alert?

When an alert needs a response within a short window of time and there is no one there to read the SMS or email then it could go without any remedial action. And your SLA could be affected – effectively breaching your contract and negatively impacting your business? This is the event resolution challenge.

iot alarms and alerts from internet of things platform to skyresponse response center

Skyresponse provides a guaranteed way of ensuring that a person will respond to a critical event when it occurs.

Skyresponse:system is a unique solution for event resolution in a broad range of IoT applications in healthcare, smart factories, connected vehicles, smart cities, smart homes, field service and facilities management.

For example, in healthcare, Skyresponse is delivering the critical platform for handling alarms from multiple sensors in care homes. Skyresponse works with providers of care solutions to help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families as well as those providing their care.

Skyresponse is also working with leading device manufacturers to bring efficient alarm handling and response centers to seniors and their families. The company has also recently signed a partnership agreement with major IoT platform vendor PTC with the aim to make Skyresponse:system available to their Thingworx user community as an application extension. In smart factories, this will enable the right service personnel to respond quickly to service alarms. Alarms are directed by Skyresponse to the maintenance staff responsible for serving machines (Electricians, mechanics, operators). If no one in a given response team reacts, then the alarm is automatically escalated to management and/or external response teams to ensure it is addressed.

Introducing Skyresponse:system
Skyresponse system is more than a simple A2P messaging solution – it provides a fully scalable and flexible incident management and critical alerting solution for applications that require a guaranteed response.

Any IoT platform or connected product can use our API to send alarms to the Skyresponse:system platform in the cloud, where the alarms are distributed to ensure they reach the right response group. Skyresponse follows simple rules for how an alarm is handled and escalated which are configured through an admin portal or via an admin API.

Skyresponse system IoT overview

Skyresponse:system provides full flexibility on where and how to process each alarm – either through our full suite of alarm handling software for web and mobile or by integrating with existing third party response centres and other IT systems.

Response personnel can use both mobile apps or web to
•    Receive and manage response center activities and alarms
•    Report cause and actions connected to the activity
•    Escalate and communicate with team members … or third party response providers

Try it out!

It is easy to add Skyresponse to your own IoT solution – using our API can bring live service in as little as an hour of developer time. Learn more.

To see a demonstration or discuss how Skyresponse could complement your connected products and services contact us.

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