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Interview with Jani Wallma, QA Responsible at Skyresponse

"The energy and commitment that everyone has every day to make sure we progress towards our goals, we work in a complex area, but we find creative solutions together. That is what impresses me the most at Skyresponse."

Jani Wallma, QA at Skyresponse

We had a chat with our QA Responsible Jani Wallma, (now he is our DevOps Manager), to hear what caught his interest in Skyresponse and what he appreciates with Skyresponse as a company and employer.

What is your background?
I have studied at Dalarna University and at Mittuniversitet at both universities with focus on System development. Before I ended my studies, I got the opportunity to join the IT trainee program at the Swedish Social Security Agency. After that it went quick and I started as a tester in one of the development teams which I really enjoyed having the opportunity that together with a team build great software. Besides having worked with Quality assurance I have experience in different roles as Team leader for different teams, Quality assurance manager and IT product manager.

How did your journey with Skyresponse begin?
After a few initials meetings with Skyrepsonse I got to know more about the company, how they work and what they aim for I knew this was a place where I wanted to work. Coming into a company growing a lot there where a lot of things happenings at once but I quickly found my place and how I can contribute to our team.

What was it with Skyresponse that caught your interest?
I have always wanted to work in a smaller company that works with modern technology and that has ambitious plans. For me personally I also really like that we have a platform that enables us to help people get the help they need in time.

In what way has Skyresponse impressed you?
The energy and commitment that everyone has every day to make sure we progress towards our goals, we work in a complex area, but we find creative solutions together.

Coming from working at an authority I was really used to that the timeline from an idea to implementation of it was usually months, here we can come up with a great idea which we agree will make a difference and the next day we start to implement it.

Describe Skyresponse as a workplace…
I enjoy coming to work every morning and even though we have worked a lot remote since I started, I have a felt at home from the beginning. Every time I am at the office the days are mixed with laughter and discussion on what is the best way solve a problem. We always work together as a team and develop new and exciting features sometimes challenging ones but together we find ways forward. I like that we get the freedom to be creative and control how we spend our time even tough we have to make sure we handle our deadlines.

What is the key to a good customer relationship?

From my point of view is that the customer can trust that what we deliver holds a high level of quality and if there are problems, they can be sure that we are there to help them solve it when it is needed.

What do you contribute to your team? 

I make sure that we are a thinking about the quality of the software all the way threw the development not only in the end where we do the quality assurance, we need to catch potential problems early to make sure we mitigate them. One of the areas I try to improve is how can we keep delivering high quality software in a more effective way and how can we improve our workflow to do so. Test automation is a big part of this to make sure we can keep delivering at a faster pace but keep the quality.

What do you do when you are not working?
During my free time I try to find the time to work out most of the days and I enjoy long walks with my dogs. Most of time is spent with my family at home in Kalix. I also enjoy fishing, hiking, investing in stocks and when time allows some gaming aswell!