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Interview with a Masters student and Skyresponse Developer

We talk to Etem Mol-ogly, fifth year Computer Science student and Skyresponse developer with a big interest in new technology.

  1. What is your background in the field?

I have studied Master in Computer Science and Engineering here at LTU for 5 years and programming has been an interest for much longer. Information and communications technology is my specialization, working with algorithms, analysis, network- and cloud-based systems. My education has given me many opportunities to work on many different software projects and I also had a summer job as a junior developer back in high school.

  1. What made you interested in Skyresponse?

When looking for a company I wanted to work on something interesting utilizing new technology that had potential. I also look forward to working in a team that has the right team size, where I could learn and grow as a developer. This also gives a good potential for communication and sharing of experience. And Skyresponse has that, existing products with big IOT possibilities and a good team of people working on constantly improving them. Also, my first impression of them was very good, very professional and yet personal at the same time.

  1. How do you envision your role here at Skyresponse?

My vision is still forming but the basic idea was to start doing development tasks, learn how everything works, and with time move on to features and technical projects of my own and gain a more active role in helping the company improve its products. What I could not foresee was that this would happen simultaneously in a month and that I would work with all of that so quickly. The office also feels good, the environment and the people are very knowledgeable and communicative. So one could say my vision is getting bigger with time and I look forward to learning more about everything and help improve it.

  1. How would your old colleagues describe you?

They usually say that I am pretty straightforward and easy to talk to. I can be both relaxed and efficient at the same time and I like to learn by doing, trying new things and different approaches. I think it’s important to talk things through straight and understand each other. My experience is that people in software development, in general, have things that are hard to communicate. So both technical and social skills are very useful in combination. It’s very valuable to be able to discuss your work, to talk among teammates and make them understand what you and others do without simplifying or being too technical. This is something I keep in mind and hope I can contribute to the Luleå office.

  1. What makes you excited about coming to work?

For me, it is simply about making progress rather than specific days or goals. I always have the big picture in mind so coming to the office, working on something that has a real purpose and getting something done is always important to me. It’s easy to get stuck if one focuses too much on specific goals. Having a broad mindset always keeps you going.

  1. What do you fill your free time with?

I like to solo-travel with AirBnB, I’ve been to Prague and Cyprus recently. I find that going out in the world makes you appreciate different cultures but also what I’ve got at home. Sometimes I just prefer to stay at home and relax. I am also interested in hobby software projects, like platforms for learning languages in an interactive way and bots. I think it’s fun to automate tasks and really cool to see things take place and experiment. This interest in programming and software development together with working at Skyresponse keeps my creative spark alive and makes me motivated to take on new challenges at the forefront of technology.