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Client API

If you are a product or systems owner and want to enable alarm and event handling for your products, then you should consider Skyresponse to become your partner. Skyresponse:system is positioned at the very forefront of the technology and when integrated into your products, it can easily be adapted to meet your unique requirements as system supplier. Skyresponse is flexible to support different business models and integration models, and in this way Skyresponse can adapt to suit a commonly agreed project. One financial model is to have one part of a project paid as distinct adaptation and customer-financed development and the other part paid as volume-based cost.

Skyresponse Client SDK – for integration of alarms in your products

The Skyresponse Client SDK is a fully-developed solution which enables new types of alarm clients to be easily integrated with response centres and systems. With Skyresponse Client SDK, you can rapidly and securely differentiate or expand an existing product to create new revenue opportunities and new services.

With Skyresponse Client SDK, you develop your own apps and products which are integrated directly with Skyresponse:system through a well-defined API. You gain access to all the benefits offered by Skyresponse:system, and you save the expense and time involved in developing your own alarm solution for different response centres over different protocols.

If you wish to access the developer API and for a free trial, please contact us here.

Larmsändare – Skyresponse

OEM projects

Skyresponse supports the combination of Skyresponse technology with the system supplier technology in case of OEM integration. The integration is performed in a joint project where Skyresponse and the total system supplier work as one team. The interface between Skyresponse’s and the system supplier´s areas of responsibility is jointly decided early in the project but typically it is an advantage to use Skyresponse:system for the alarm handling. This model means that the joint project can create an alarm or event handling that fits perfectly with the device that the end-user will interact with. OEM projects can for example be software integration into professional devices (e.g. hand computers) or in specially adapted alarm units.  It is possible to adapt all or part of Skyresponse:system depending on the customer need and requirements.

If you wish to access the developer API and for a free trial, please contact us here.