Administrative API

Skyresponse:system forwards event details from digital, internet connected devices and systems to respondents in response centers using a decentralized, cloud based IT platform. With the Skyresponse:system Administrative API your computerized system may define users, alarm receptions and other objects in Skyresponse:system simply by using standardized and well documented API calls. The API is invoked by REST calls to a set of endpoints, using methods and associated parameters that enable an external system to set and edit all the features of Skyresponse:system available to an administrator logged in to the Skyresponse:system Administrative Graphical User Interface.

Actions performed via the administrative API encompass the creation, editing and removal of users, sub-customers and customers, as well as the coupling of users to alarm handlings and thereby also to response centers and their respondent groups. The administrative GUI and the administrative API are complementary ways of administering Skyresponse:system, all functions of the GUI are actually performed by API calls.

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Skygd becomes Skyresponse

Skygd has continued to grow and now changes its name to Skyresponse. The company’s services are already a fundamental element in many existing alarm and event handling solutions. The flexible approach based on cloud computing used by Skyresponse gives the company virtually unlimited possibilities to expand also into other market segments.

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With a focus on Internet of Things, IoT

The number of connected products and sensors is growing exponentially. The services offered by Skyresponse are ideal in IoT applications where e.g. buildings and machines are to be monitored. In addition, many existing industries and products requiring alarm handling, such as security, care, transport and logistics, can leverage the new technology offered by Skyresponse.

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Response Centres

The Skyresponse cloud based response centre solution is already in use at several manned response centres and operations centres. Skyresponse:system can also interoperate with many existing response centre systems and present alarm and events in a way that is familiar to the operator – and with complete traceability.

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