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Developing new and existing products

If you are a product or systems owner and want to enable alarm and event handling for your products or services, then you should consider Skyresponse to become your partner. Skyresponse:system is positioned at the very forefront of the technology and when integrated into your products, it can easily be adapted to meet your unique requirements as system supplier.


System capabilities

Skyresponse:system forwards event details from digital, internet connected devices and systems to respondents in response centers using a decentralized, cloud based IT platform. The entire system is controlled over standardized and well documented APIs that can be used by anyone wanting to take advantage of the unique features of Skyresponse:system. Two main APIs are available: The Skyresponse Client API  enabling products and systems to send alarms and other event notifications to Skyresponse:system, and the Skyresponse Administrative API  which lets your computerized system define users, response centers and other objects in Skyresponse:system.