Integrate with Skyresponse, customise your alarm and event management solution

The Skyresponse Platform is cloud-based and built for flexibility—a strategic ingredient in a wide range of applications

Why should Skyresponse be a part of your solution?

Skyresponse is applicable to thousands of situations within IoT, making it easy to tailor a solution specifically for you.

Product companies often involve Skyresponse early, in a prototype stage, and integrate our platform as a core component of their product.

The power of the Skyresponse platform


Get started quickly

Skyresponse is both easy and fast to integrate, and by reliably taking care of all event management aspects, your solution can be launched and marketed faster.


It’s flexible

Instead of being limited by a system’s hard-coded reaction options, the Skyresponse platform was designed to let you do almost anything with an event or alarm once it has been emitted.


It’s future-proof

Skyresponse is agnostic to hardware and has an open API, ensuring that future solutions and technological leaps are easy to add and benefit from.


A vast ecosystem

Odds are that there are fantastic partners already connected to Skyresponse that you can easily integrate with, too.


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Enabling Your Response

An overview on creating subscription-based services with Skyresponse:system

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