"Viser’s first customer Alvesta municipality was up and running within 3 months of the integration with Skyresponse. The solution has been running smooth ever since."

- Robert Green, CEO Viser

Viser offers systems solutions to the health and care sector in purpose to gain an efficient and safe everyday life.

This is a part of a series of case studies with Skyresponse customers, written to shed some light on what one might expect from working with Skyresponse.

Background & challenge

Viser AB started out as a company working with network cameras when there were only analogue cameras on the market. Viser was founded in 2006, but in 2010 the company’s strategy and business model changed from being a company doing installations to becoming more consultative and solution oriented.

When Telia (Swedish network provider), confirmed they would shut down the analogue network it meant that everyone handling analogue tele systems needed to start looking for digital alternatives. Within safety alarms this meant that everyone who uses analogue alarms today would not receive them in the future. Since Viser’s digital service fit in very well with the concept, they chose to enter the market themselves (participate in tenders etc) and not just taking a consultant role, but offering the full solution from design, installation, education and 24/7 guaranteed system function service.

Viser had a solution consisting of different hardware combined with a platform for handling the alarms. When Viser wanted to expand their offering and wanted a more future proof solution for their offering they could either choose to build it themselves or find a partner that could help them grow. The requirements were already defined and when the discussion started with Skyresponse they made sure that the requirements were met, and within a short period of time the collaboration started.

Their customers are mainly municipalities and private companies within the healthcare and care industry. The market is primarily in Europe and the services are delivered from Malmö, Sweden, where the operations centre handles monitoring, operation and support of customer systems around the clock.


Solution & Result

“Viser’s first customer Alvesta municipality was up and running within 3 months of the integration with Skyresponse. The solution has been running smooth ever since”, says Robert Green, CEO Viser.

Viser is looking for the conscious customer within the health and care sector, that appreciate modern IT support systems to achieve an efficient and safe everyday life.

Thanks to Skyresponse open API’s Viser can now easily grow their offering towards their customers. They can easily add and ask suppliers to integrate to the platform, dependent on the requirements and can easily offer their customers the best solutions for their everyday care. The systems are offered as a function service where Viser has full responsibility and delivers a guaranteed system function for a fixed monthly fee.


Viser will be looking for partners that are flexible, responsive, and professional. Integrations through open API’s is a must since there will always be new requirements from their customers and end user on new integrations, updates, changes etc. And the partner that can offer this future proof solution will in the end win the race…

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