Taking the natural steps of IoT – Visiting industry fair SKYDD´18

Foto: Jens Reiterer
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Walking the halls of SKYDD 2018, the largest nordic trade fair of the safety and security industry, you’re easily overwhelmed by an abundance of technological improvements on display. Here’s my thoughts on the latest developments I found.

There’s a lot to see in terms of material improvement in every booth here. Firemen show off new tires on their trucks, or other small gains in quality. This isn’t what I’m writing about though. What tickled my brain that day was the latest IoT apps from some security companies, launching with their new safety central systems.

Like many of us in the industry of IoT solutions, for example in the booth of Schneider Electric, providing a better service is not just about material design, it’s about user design. Their recently launched service is in many ways similar to the latest one from Skyresponse partner Doro, providing the emergency event button of Response by Doro in the pockets of elderly and disabled. Apps like these gives more personal freedom and integrity in daily life, enabling one to be more self-relient. We are together reaching for a pinnacle of user design, namely the one-button-press for a smart alarm. Today, if your family don’t respond in a time-span, it’s sent to a regional alarm central with your geo-location coordinates.

Speaking to the young blonde man in some booth, he energetically tells me of how their app and central easily integrates through a cloud-based solution and I smile. How comfortable don’t we have it today. His, like so many other systems provides a browser-based application for viewing the fire detection system data and the status of the devices. This is of course a natural step in IoT and society at large, and given the digital progress of today. We have a thousand devices to detect important information, and we have a thousand mini-computers in our pockets. The application is accessible at any connected computer, mobile phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Why wouldn’t you want the fire alarm in your pocket, telling you instantly about that fire on 5 floors above you in the office building?

At one hand it seems so natural, but I also know that it takes a village to raise a child, and the cultural movement for making this change possible for everyone comes as slow or fast as it can. All I can do is wait, and tell my friends about it the next day on the commute. Take a moment yourself now to think about what places you could improve something in your own life or workplace, and give your partner or manager a talk about it. The step towards progress is the one we take together.

Rasmus Storkamp
Marketing coordinator

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