Blogpost: Your solution for an IoT Platform

In this modern world, Internet of Things platforms give amounts of scale data collection and storage as well as strong real-time analytics engines that provide at-a-glance information via dashboards on iPad, tablet or PC. They often show critical alerts and warnings and many IoT platforms even have the ability to send an SMS or email to a recipient. In some cases this is a complete solution, but what if the alarm requires urgent attention?

Many corporations today need an IoT platform that is applicable to one or more of thousands of the possible applications of IoT in diverse areas such as healthcare, smart factories, connected vehicles, smart cities, smart homes, field service and facilities management. They need to send signals between systems that can be distributed individually with different types, location, time of day and content of the event message.

This is where Skyresponse truly shines in today’s market of IoT. In healthcare, Skyresponse provides the critical platform for the distribution and escalation of alarms from multiple sensors in the care home to the right care workers. In smart factory environments the right service personnel can respond to service alarms. Fleets of connected vehicles can deliver service and hazard alerts directly to mechanics and/or fleet management. In smart cities there are multiple different IoT implementations in place – for example the system supporting the public transport network might be different from those providing waste management or environmental monitoring. Services that require an international response team can also use Skyresponse to supplement a centralized response service with localized response centers in different geographies.

These and many more applications to IoT solutions are all solvable with the same system today. Events that require a person to respond can come from multiple layers in the internet of things. The sensors themselves could trigger critical alarms – for example fire detection, but also can signal faults or sensor failures. The alarms responded to and the actions taken are logged for review in a secure audit trail.

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