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Personal Safety

In case you feel unsafe or threatened, you send an alarm message to the emergency response centre. The centre will receive your message with all necessary information needed to take action. The alarm is sent as data traffic over fixed or mobile internet, SMS and a call is initiated to the response centre. This means that you can trust that the alarm will always get through.

This is how your position is determined

The alarm operator will handle your alarm and find your position on the map on the alarm page. On the alarm page, still-images taken by your mobile camera the last hour can be displayed. The alarm operator will hear any conversation via your mobile phone even if you are not able to call yourself.

The Skyresponse:alarm apps also fulfills the UK BS8484 recommendation for lone workers alarm.

Your position is only sent to the response centre when you raise an alarm, and it is only sent to the response centre that you are subscribing to. Skyresponse:system also works with hybrid positioning in case the GPS-information is missing. The technology behind hybrid positioning uses methods developed by Google and Apple and they may give a position precision between 50 and 500 m. On the alarm page your movement before and after the alarm is shown. If the building you are in has been equipped with Indoor Positioning, the operator will even see in what room and on what floor you are.

Sound and images

Skyresponse uses the latest mobile technology which opens up for sophisticated multimedia functions. For instance, at an alarm a sound-file of the latest 60 s before the alarm can be transferred to the emergency center (only Android).  This is a functionality that is useful e.g. if an alarm situation has been preceded by verbal threats.  In addition, images taken up to 60 minutes before the alarm or during the active alarm is sent to the receiver of the alarm.