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Personal Care

Skyresponse has enabled its partners to launch the next generation of mobile and digital care alarms, a solution that allows the users to feel secure regardless of if they are in their own home our outdoors. Skyresponse Personal Care supports the new digital standard for care alarms called SCAIP. Incoming alarms can both be integrated with existing response center software solutions or sent to Skyresponse cloud based response centre Skyresponse:central adapted for the care application.

Skyresponse software for care response centres

Skyresponse unique cloud based solution for care alarm centres accepts various digital care alarm products that fulfill the SCAIP standard. To use the Skyresponse cloud based solution you only need to have a PC with internet access, a web browser and a phone that can receive calls. Skyresponse business model is very simple and does not require any upfront investments to start using the solution: The customer only pays a monthly fee per connected user. This makes it possible for a public or private care response centre to receive digital care alarms in parallell with the solution they are using today for analog alarms, without the need to make extensive investments in new software or infrastructure.

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