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Are you OK?

A question many of us want to ask a colleague working alone or an elderly we care for. Skyresponse therefore offers a supplementary service to its alarm app, making it unnecessary to call at awkward times to check that everything is OK. And if you are a lone worker you may start a security timer which automatically triggers an alarm if it is not reset in time – this alarm is sent even if the mobile is off or broken.


A few simple steps

Step 1. Register a time when the user shall receive an SMS with a question such as ”Are you OK?”. The question can be scheduled to be sent any day(s) of the week.

Step 2. At the set time Skyresponse:system will send the SMS question to the user, who answers with a keyword or with another agreed code, if he/she is OK.

Step 3. If the user does not answer the SMS, an alarm is sent to a response centre after a predefined time.

Step 4. The response centre follows the instructions registered in Skyresponse:system; the operator may for example try to call the user.

More options:

  • The user can start a security timer that always generates an alarm if not reset in time, even if the mobile is not working or is out of coverage.
  • ”Are-you-OK”-questions can be sent any time, e.g. after an emergency call-out that is to be completed in the middle of the night.
  • The response time can be set individually for each question.
  • A contact person can get a notification – a pre-alarm – before the alarm is sent to the response centre.
  • The contact person can create an “Are-you-OK”-question directly from his/her mobile.
  • Different requirements can be set for accepting the answer from the user as a valid OK.
  • Questions and their schedules are simple to administer over the Internet with Skyresponse:admin.
  • The alarm is always linked to the personal instructions for the user.

Contact Skyresponse for more information

Contact sales@skyresponse.com for more information about Skyresponse alarm and event handling solutions.