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Alarm Groups

In certain situations it might not be appropriate to forward the alarms to a response centre.  Instead it might be a better solution to send the alarm in parallel to everyone in a workgroup. This could for example be a situation where external support or action are not easily available. A contingent alarm can then be distributed simultaneously to any number of receivers via SMS, email or to the personal PCs or the Skyresponse:mobile app. The alarm must then of course be supplemented by specific and well known action routines within the workgroup regarding how an activated alarm shall be managed.

Grupplarm – Skyresponse

Such a usage might be relevant, e.g. in an office where threatening meetings may happen or in industries where there is a risk for workplace accidents. In case of a threat or escalating violent situation, an alarm can be distributed concurrently to everyone in the office, and the one first arriving colleague can the try to calm down the situation.

The Group Alarm works with Skyresponse:system, including features such as  indoor positioning, personal safety apps, Safeclick and the Skyresponse:mobile app, but also with other 3rd party products approved by Skyresponse.

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