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Dynamic and safe handling

The flexibility of Skyresponse:system enables unlimited possibilities for handling of all types of alarms and exceptions. Our cloud based and scalable services act as a digital nerve system, responding to events and ensuring that an alarm always reaches the correct man, machine or system. When the receiver or the response centre has taken action, the event and its handling is logged, and the alarm can be deactivated. Open and well documented programming interfaces (API:s) makes integration of Skyresponse:system with other  products and IT systems simple.

Internet of Things

By blending the physical and digital world, the Internet of Things (IoT) vastly expands the reach of information technology into new business models and value chains. Skyresponse stands in the middle of this development by offering services for rapid and reliable handling of all types of alarms and exceptions from existing and new products, and by already having proven relations with numerous response centres.

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Personal Safety

In case you feel unsafe or threatened, you send an alarm message to the emergency response centre. The centre will receive your message with all necessary information needed to take action. The alarm is sent as data traffic over fixed or mobile internet, SMS and a call is initiated to the response centre. This means that you can trust that the alarm will always get through.

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Personal Care

Skyresponse has enabled its partners to launch the next generation of mobile and digital care alarms, a solution that allows the users to feel secure regardless of if they are in their own home our outdoors. Skyresponse Personal Care supports the new digital standard for care alarms called SCAIP. Incoming alarms can both be integrated with existing response center software solutions or sent to Skyresponse cloud based response centre Skyresponse:central adapted for the care application.

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Grupplarm – Skyresponse

Alarm Groups

In certain situations it might not be appropriate to forward the alarms to a response centre.  Instead it might be a better solution to send the alarm in parallel to everyone in a workgroup. This could for example be a situation where external support or action are not easily available. A contingent alarm can then be distributed simultaneously to any number of receivers via SMS, email or to the personal PCs or the Skyresponse:mobile app. The alarm must then of course be supplemented by specific and well known action routines within the workgroup regarding how an activated alarm shall be managed.

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Lone Worker

“Are you OK?” This is a question many of us want to ask a colleague working alone or an elderly we care for. Skyresponse therefore offers a supplementary service to its alarm app, making it unnecessary to call at awkward times to check that everything is OK. And if you are a lone worker you may start a security timer which automatically triggers an alarm if it is not reset in time – this alarm is sent even if the mobile is off or broken.

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