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The Company


The company was founded 2007, named Skygd AB and initially focused on building alarm capabilities into different mobile phones and apps. In 2012 a strategic change was done to reuse the competence and knowhow in handling alarms in mobile phones to instead focus on building a powerful cloud based software system for alarm management. Already 2013 a first cloud based system was released built on Amazon Web Services. In late 2016 another strategic change was done to focus on building a scalable system and organisation for the growing international market of IoT applications. The company name was then changed to Skyresponse AB.

Current Situation

Today the company focuses on the large and fast growing area of Personal Care, including Elderly Care, and Personal Safety. The company has a strong position in the Nordic market with about 300 end customers (municipalities & enterprises) using the Skyresonse SaaS services and the Skyresonse system handles more than one million alarms and deviation alerts per month. Skyresponse uses an indirect sales model and works with more than ten channel partners. As an important complementary solution, the Skyresponse software can also be used in public or private alarm centers to enable them to take alarms and deviation alerts from IoT sensors and applications. The company is headquarted in Stockholm with the commercial and corporate funcions and a second office in Luleå with the technical leadership responsible for development and support.

Future Ambition

The long term ambition of the company is to to be a leading software company internationally for management of alarms and deviation alerts within IoT