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Here you can view information about open positions at Skyresponse and read interviews.


Open positions


Lansering Skyresponse

Position as System Developer:

As a System Developer in our DevOps team, you will be working with development of Skyresponse system through .NET/.NET Core, C# and Python. You will be given very varied and qualified tasks based on requirements specifications on new standard features or customer-specific system solutions. Also, work a lot with testing, code reviews and helping each other and our customers when needed.

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Position as DevOps Manager:

The establishment of the new position as DevOps Manager is part of scaling up the company to respond to our rapidly expanding pipeline of customer contracts. As DevOps Manager you will be responsible for leading and growing the tech team in Luleå, as well as for direction and follow up of subcontractors in Sweden and Ukraine. In addition to the tech team our Chief Architect, as well as our head of Product Management, is based in Luleå.

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Position as Technical Presales Engineer:

A Technical Presales Engineer is responsible for presales, project activities and ensuring the technical solution supports the business objectives. You create use cases based on customers’ requirements and then design a solution that integrates the customers IT environment and  Skyresponse products and services. Work is close to the sales team and participates in international customer meetings and trade shows, demos and training sessions. Besides this, you will work with resource estimates and time plans for project assignments with the Produce Owner and Project Management and other professionals in Skyresponse.

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Interviews with employees



Skyresponse Developer Etem Mol-ogly

We talk to Etem Mol-ogly, fifth year Computer Science student and Skyresponse developer with a big interest in new technology.

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From tropical Brazil, Skyresponse product manager, Bruna Nervis

Having come all the way from South America we interview our new product manager Bruna Nervis and ask her about her experiences in the tech field and how it is to move to the city of Luleå in northern sweden to work for an IoT focused company.

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Skyresponse Developer Saman Karimi

We talk to Saman Karimi, the problem-solving sci-fi enthusiast who can tell us who decides to work as a developer at Skyresponse. How did his interest in computers and coding begin? What made him interested in Skyresponse?

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