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”Enabled by Skyresponse”

Our dynamic services enable reliable, flexible and user friendly solutions for handling of alarms and exceptions. Our cloud based services are the basis for our customers’ management of events generated by machines, vehicles, systems and people.

About us

Skyresponse was started in 2007 as Skygd AB. The company is headquartered in Stockholm with an additional office in Luleå, Sweden, responsible for development and technical support. Skyresponse is a leading supplier of solutions for distribution and management of alarms and events generated by connected devices.

Our cloud based solution for alarm and event handling is already in use on the Swedish market, constituting a critical and fundamental part in various IoT applications. As an example, we work with partners specialising in personal safety and e-health, where we ensure that the right action is taken for any type of alarm. Our system makes it possible for response centres and operation centres at a local home care company or a global industrial enterprise to implement a modern and future proof solution, while at the same time connecting existing products to the already installed system at the response centre. This makes our offering unique on the market.

Skyresponse has recently completed a new investment round aimed at existing owners and a group of new and qualified investors with a background from international IT- and SaaS companies. The increase in capital will support the continued growth of the company and enable international expansion in the rapidly growing IoT market.

You are welcome to contact us for a discussion on how our services can add values to your service packages.

Our values

Innovative – innovative systems at the edge of technology

Dynamic –  flexible, cloud based solutions

Reliable  –  reliable and proven event handling with timely and relevant feedback

Quick – efficient processes and work flows saving time and money

User friendly – adequate solutions matching the customer needs and ensuring profitability